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rE:VOLUTION~ Romello Hess by Sammsy-Chan rE:VOLUTION~ Romello Hess by Sammsy-Chan

Name: Romello 'Rome' Hess
Age: 21 
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0" || 183 cm
Weight: 163 lbs || 74 kg
Birthday: July 25th (Leo) 
Nationality: 75% Japanese, 12.5% German, 12.5% Italian
District: Kyuujuuminku 
Education: Attended College for Two Years before dropping out
Occupation: Works at his father's bakery and wine shop, Lil' Italy
Team: Debug Field
Tag Tattoo: On the Back of his Right Shoulder
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Species: Silver Fox 
Gender: Male
Personality: Misaki is a very sweet, caring little fox who was programmed by his parents to make up for some of Romello's flaws and yet, Misaki has adapted to being rather quiet because of the quiet household he came into. Misaki has learned every little fact there is to know about his master and will not hesitate to do whatever is called upon him for Rome. He is there to act as a voice of reason and also as Rome's softer side.
    *Rome had the gem added to Misaki's head as customizing feature
    *Misaki loves to cuddle and be stroked but only does it when he finds it appropriate
    *He always has the necklace, tail string and bandana on

Get To Know Romello
    Laid back | Honest | Rational | Knowledgeable | Supportive | + / - | Indifferent | Arrogant | Reckless | Awkward |
If there is anything that really jumps out about Romello, it's his ability to keep a level-head. Sometimes it will even come off as if he was bored with life. He is rarely ever in a bad mood unless someone has really put him off. He has a way of looking at things rationally and figuring out situations in ways that would suit him best. If it has a bad outcome for another person he won't really let it phase him; he has too look out for himself above all others. He is indifferent to whether or not he ends up doing something that upsets another person, but whether or not he actually cares no one really knows. Alongside that, he tends to come of as arrogant because of the way he carries himself and puts his own troubles above other peoples.
Let's say someone befriended Rome. That person would quickly find out that there is more to him then what he comes off as. Romello is actually someone who can be relied on to take a friend's side and come to their defense. He is also someone who will listen to someone if they want to poor their problems out to someone; they just shouldn't expect him to be very comforting. It's an uncomfortable situation for him to express most emotions and he will get awkward and flustered in situations that involve personal emotions. That person would also find out that despite his laid back view on the world he is really smart. 

Bullet; Green Misaki
Bullet; Green Anything Artistic
Bullet; Green Most Music 
Bullet; Green Rhyme
:bulletgreen: Computers
Bullet; Green Ice-cream or a nice glass of wine
Bullet; Green Baking 
Bullet; Green Anything hands on //winkwink//
Bullet; Green A Challenge

Bullet; Red When people try to get him to share his feelings
Bullet; Red Rap Music
Bullet; Red Excessive Body Hair
Bullet; Red Anyone who looks down on Misaki
Bullet; Red Being ridiculed (Teasing is fine)

Misaki~ Allmate
His Best Friend and the one that he puts before everyone else. He enjoys the little foxes company immensely and feels like the two understand one another really well.

Romello was the result of passions on a vacation; while visiting Italy for three months his mother (Rukio) met his half-Japanese father (Giovanni) and their relationship took off. Thankfully for Romello, his mother found out about her pregnancy before she left to return home to Midorijima and was able to convince his father to leave Italy and return with her. After their return to Midorijima Giovanni opened up an italian bakery and wineshop on the first floor that he called Lil' Italy in honor of his home. He and Rukio lived on the upper floor of their building.
Romello's name was his father's choice; infusing the city name that the two had met in with the common Italian suffix -ello. He was the final step for the couple and a few months later they tied the knot; creating one more happy family in the Kyuujuuminku district. The buisness that his family ran made enough income to sustain the family and it kept Romello happy. As a child he was a very happy, friendly child who would meet customers at the front door with a big smile.

His school experiences were way different; he was a little nervous to make lasting attachments at school and by the time he was ready it was too late and he faded off into just 'another kid on the playground'. He learned that if he was gonna make it he was gonna have to fend for himself and that he couldn't rely on other people like he had with his family, and so the friendly little kid who used to greet people at the door did it less and less until it stopped altogether. It's not like he was depressed or anything, it was just the way he had interpreted what was going on and it was his way of adapting to it. When he was 10, his mother gave birth to his little sister Lily. She was a nice change from the real world for Rome and he became very protective of his precious little sister. 

He kept high grades all through elementary and high school but he was a loner despite Lily and it was beginning to worry his parents, so when he began high school they gave Romello Misaki as a gift. Up until then he had gotten on without an AllMate at his side but upon receiving the fox he realized how much he had been missing. His parents had gotten the programming set up so that Misaki could be someone who Romello knew cared for him and could trust and that's exactly what Misaki became. He quickly grew on everyone in the family.

Romello went into College without a set a plan; he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He stayed on campus after his parents suggested it. It was during his college life that Romello got into Rhyme after actually watching a few rounds. Before that he had seen some but never actually bothered to pay much attention. But it was fascinating once he got the handle of the game. He willingly gave each round his all because it was a good way to vent his emotions, but it also finally got him noticed. It began to mess with his school life, in which he studied in Computer programming for two years before he dropped out and returned home to work with his father. He took a break from Rhyme for a while before slowly starting to get back into it. 

Other Information:
*He has kept the purple streak in his hair for the last 3 years.
*The ring on his finger was a gift from Lily and he almost never takes it off. He hates it when someone tries to get it off his hand.
*He can speak some German and Italian thanks to his ethnicity and his father teaching him. 
*He enjoys going out on the roof of his house and laying in the sun. 

Art (C) Sammsy-Chan
DMMD (C) Nitro+Chiral
re--volution (C) Rightful owners
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